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October 21st, 2018

Chaos against criminality, as Law struggles to know itself

Here's the first of three games I led at Gauntlet Con 2018! A Cosmic Zap playtest. When I initially signed on for playing it months ago, I was unsure about how well-developed the game would be, or even how playable/failed at all. But it turned out to be a decisive validator of the project.

The face of the enemy

I guess it won’t surprise anyone that Immigration Customs and Enforcement has been tapped again for a Hunted. This time there’s no supervillain component, it’s just (“just”) the agency, so in looking for villains to create, and seeing the Crusader on the Curator’s sheet, I focused on the “trapped between two worlds” feature that both heroes share.

October 20th

October 17th

Demons 1, significant others 0

It may not appear in every Sorcerer game, but if you have to bet on what's in one, you won't go too far wrong with tattoos. In this case, due to the emergent Nordic Noir in our pets + ancient ruins opening statements, it's tattooed dead people. And apparently, tattooed dead people getting up and walking out of morgues.

October 14th

Mystery achievement

I’ve been resisting the obvious suggestion about defining the superhero group, “set everything ahead of time,” for very good reasons. Most of the trouble that’s cropped up in playtest so far is not due to failing to do that, but directly traceable to introducing a new hero, whose definitions and problems tend to bulk up disproportionately. Introducing a hero even as a limited-only guest throws everything a curve.

October 11th

What lies beneath

A new Champions Now Beta playtest! With Jason and Rick. I told them, "powers are dark, ancient, and secret," and "crimes are moral, not just legal," and we set it in Los Angeles, where Rick lives. (lots of west coast going on in play ... I'll have to keep an eye on that, and make sure of a wider range. I'd really like to set it in Sweden some time!)

October 10th

Policemen who talk to their pets

First session of Sorcerer! Allowing for a little more time to finalize the characters and one of the demons. As discussed in the previous post, the starting statements are Demons are pets and Ancient ruined cities, and our first meeting resulted in a strong Nordic Noir vibe as well. Pedro is playing Ingmar, a Swedish police detective, and Aybars is playing Ahmet, a Turkish police captain.

October 8th

Unmasking the ad-hoc Villain (Masks Session 1)

This is a recording of a session of the game "Masks: A New Generation" I run in a friend's twitch channel. It is in Spanish and the video can only been seen on Twitch. Once it gets uploaded to youtube, I'll post the link so you can give a try to the automatic subtitles. In the mean time, here's the basics of what happened in this session.

October 7th

October 6th

Reptilian cosmic magma culture war

Just what the inheritor of the century-old superheroic powers and the sixty-year-old superhero-veteran need: a barely-legal vlogging celebrity hound who claims to be the Bay Area's' own indispensable crime-fightin' hero guy. Meet Komodo Dragon! (and thanks to Rod dropping by to be our entirely enjoyable guest player)