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January 22nd, 2018

Test Thread

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January 21st

Discuss: System diagrams

I've been drawing these things for years. I've rarely discussed them publicly for a couple reasons, but busted one out for my Understanding the Pool seminar, and got to thinking about them again.

January 20th

Barbaric Psychedelic Cosmic Cataclysmic Fore Ee

I've given this some thought. I've played it, both badly and well. I've read a bunch. I've talked to its developers and knowledgeable business people. I've built a couple setups for play.

I can only describe the cultural discourse about it as mass hysteria. Almost no one seems to have played the game I'm looking at.

Cold Soldier: I am the Zombie Woof

Hey, more Cold Soldier in action! This time with Ángel, for a slightly less intercontinental session - Sweden and the U.K. But also, like the session with Santiago, placed in reference to a Spanish-speaking setting, based on Angel's home city of Madrid.

Cold Soldier in La Plata

A couple of months ago, I invited patrons to play Bret Gillan's game Cold Soldier with me, using my slight re-write of the text (no rules revision; see attached), and to talk about it. Santiago and I did so shortly afterward, via Skype between Sweden and Argentina. 

January 18th

Discuss: Independent publishing, latter days - the sequel

This interview is from November 2017, almost exactly a year later than the Metatopia interview with Maksim Mohammedov, and a good comparison with it. You'll see how both Vigil and Adept Play have emerged from the earlier points.

January 16th

Vigil playtest with Hijos de Rol

It's almost right outta the box, with pauses and um's and stuff - but it's a great look at how topical and immediate the game is.