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July 9th, 2018

Monday Lab: [AA]IIEE[EE]!

Intent, Initiation, Execution, Effect - fictional things, probably the single most direct fictional content to be interfaced with real-people speaking and using rules, in the hobby. In a recent dialogue with Zac Porcu, he called it "the beating heart of role-playing."

July 7th

Hop skip jump scribbles

Specialized viewing only: three D&D players working up the details for their 4E characters, because the DM wants to do a level jump, from 3rd to 7th. Even though each has looked through the books, this is a significant accounting/build task, so - only if you're interested.

Horror fallout

It's a dark dark game, so I guess that it's ... artistic? for me to have borked the video and arrived an an all-black-void recording.

I hope it can be fun listening anyway, but I really regret losing the explicit attention we were paying throughout this session. The player-characters did not interact at all, so it will sound like three soloists trading off, but the reality of play was far more social, attentive, group-ish, and generally engaged with one another.

July 4th

Good morning starshine

How about that other superhero game I'm working on? And no, not Vigil, but the other other one, which I'm calling Cosmic Zap.

Quick review: this is work for The Chaosium, using HeroQuest as the chassis, specifically the HeroQuest SRD, itself a bit of a work in progress.

July 3rd

June 30th

Two Premise Statements

From the Champions Now! Question Outpost:

Joel DavisRon, if I understand the playtest document (plus everything you've said in your videos), the campaign is built around two premise statements:

June 25th

Monday Lab: GM Half Full

Looking at the topic of distributing GM-tasks all sorts of different ways, which we all know well, but maybe its widespread use doesn't reflect enough of its potential.

June 18th

June 17th

Monday Lab: The Other Kind of Map

"Everyone knows" what a relationship map is, but they're definitely not all the same thing, especially with these variables exposed: